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The First is a clearinghouse for all events regarding Mormon Studies. This site’s purpose is to provide those who have an interest in Mormon Studies the ability to easily find all of the conferences where presentations are made on Mormonism’s theology, history, culture, and people. I have particularly tried to make this a resource for scholars of Mormonism and those who enjoy academics, including the most comprehensive list of Calls for Papers on Mormon Studies (even if the papers aren't presented at a conference).

I have included Academic Conferences on Mormonism, Mormon Scholarly Associations, Mormon Symposia, Apologetic Conferences, and gatherings so widely attended or deemed important enough that those involved in Mormon Studies should be aware of them (even though they may only include minimal scholarship).

I have also included RSS feeds for both the Big Calendar and Calls for Papers, as well as the option to subscribe to receive updates FREE via email.

What I’ve left out:

  • Conferences where Mormonism and scholarship are both secondary to the purposes of the gathering (ie. political, humanitarian, personal development, fellowship, etc.)
  • Firesides, devotionals, and other gatherings of local religious congregations (with minimal exceptions)
  • Family History/Genealogy Conferences (just follow this link instead)
  • Reunions (The Deseret News has a great missionary reunion site)
  • Conferences and Calls for Papers that you didn’t tell me about!


For an extensive list of Mormon Studies Resources, click here.